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License Key Storage *Read Me*
« on: December 24, 2009, 01:49:59 am »
We do not advise members to store keys in forum PM's. Why? For one your account could be compromised. Two which doesn't happen often we switch forum software.

We'd also like to discourage members from storing keys in email folders. Why? Your email account could be compromised. Or your account could be terminated by the service owner.

It is not our responsibility to look up your keys. Your keys are your property for you to look after.

We would recommend that you store your keys either somewhere on your hard drive OR print them out on paper. If you do not have a printer write them down on a piece of paper. Another option would be to save it to an external disk of some sort (flash drive, external hard drive, CD or DVD).

Thanks for reading this.

One last thing we do not recommend activating your keys using a Yahoo! Mail address. Yahoo! has a horrible history of deleting accounts without reason at any given time.

YTK Staff

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Re: License Key Storage *Read Me*
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